Friday, May 05, 2006
Tamiflu is good for you and your ferret

Tamiflu Prevents Death in Mammals With Bird Flu

The antiviral drug Tamiflu prevented mammals infected with the dangerous H5N1 bird flu virus from dying, says a U.S. study presented this week at a conference in Singapore.

The findings may offer clues about the drug's optimum dosage and the duration of treatment needed to protect humans in the event of a pandemic, the Associated Press reported.

Researcher Elena Govorkova of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., told the conference that ferrets were given Tamifu after being infected with the H5N1 virus circulating in Vietnam. All of the animals survived.

Ferrets that were infected with H5N1 but did not receive Tamiflu died.

An abstract of the study said the results show the benefits of early treatment with the drug, and are in line with the limited research that's been published about the use of Tamiflu to fight bird flu in humans, the AP reported.

My name is Mike Conlin and i would like to show you my personal experience with Tamiflu.

I am 26 years old. Have been on Tamiflu for 5 days now. This stuff ROCKS. I was running a 104 Fever ... felt like I was doing to die, was snapping at everyone, etc. I got home and took my first dose along with a dose of Robotussin for my cough. I woke up 3 hours later and my fever dropped from 103.7 to 99.3. It fluctuated a little after that but remained under 100. Body Aches were gone. I was sweating like a mad man but that was probably the fever breaking.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
Mild nausea .. almost puked on first dose. Also had mental fog going on. Concentration was difficult but my doctor forwarned me it makes you 'loopy'.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Mike Conlin