Friday, April 07, 2006
Want to make money on the flu?
Check out the intrade quoteboard on the left. When do you think the flu is coming? I already picked 6/6/6.
Birdflu survivals kits
Are all over the place, but in reality all you need is duck tape and bottled water.
Thursday, April 06, 2006
I bet that right now
someone at Monsanto is working on creating chicken feed with tamiflu right in it.

Ain't science grand?
People living in areas where bird flu has been found in poultry or wild birds should keep their cats indoors.

We think the better solution is to let the cats out and leave them out, once they get hungry enough watch the bird population decline and with it the flu.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If so, I suggest you start packing.

From the friendly folks at PETA

None of their propaganda addresses the most important issue, meat tastes too good to give up.
So in just 6 days there has been over 500 downloads of the birdflupanic yahoo widget.

Spread the word, the sky is falling.
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
A chicken in every pot
We have seen disturbing news about chickens being culled over the birdflu. Though we hate to see good food go to waste we do agree that the best way to battle birdflu is to kill as many chickens and other birds as possible.

Therefor it's your duty to eat chicken with every meal and snack, and if you can get away with it run over a Canadian goose on your daily commute as well. You're saving the planet.

Organic free range Chicken, NO THANKS
Just ponder this, which fowl creature is better prepared to battle new strange diseases:
  • The seed and occasional worm-fed scared little chicken wandering around outside unprotected from the elements where at any time stray flu germs can attack his already battered immune system.
  • Or, the strong indoors protected super chicken with his defenses bolstered with antibiotics, steroids, and don't forget all the nutrients he gets in protein form from eating those yummy meat by-products and fish meal.
And, with any luck the antibiotics our relaxed indoor chickens eat end up in our systems to boost our daily pill regimen and further protect us against the evil flu.